Health and Safety Training

All training is conducted with a trainer who has relevant qualifications and experience on the subject matter being offered. A key outcome is that the experience of training with BLMC adds value, improves current thinking or processes, is engaging, fun and professional.

All training courses are offered as scheduled Public or as in-house courses tailored for clients.

Health and Safety Representatives (HSR)

SafeWork NSW approved course that runs for 5 days. Topics includes: WHS legislation, consultation and communication, investigations and inspections, risk management, roles and functions of HSRs and Committees, PINS and cease work.

Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) Refresher

SafeWork NSW approved course that runs for 1 day.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Mental Health First Aid Australia accredited course that runs for 2 days. Topics include: To identify the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues and to understand what this means for individuals, how to provide initial help and intervention, where and how to seek professional help, what intervention and supports have been shown by research to be effective including in a crisis situation.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Refresher

Mental Health First Aid Australia accredited course that runs for half a day.

Mental Health general and leadership team

Custom made with evidence-based material with a core of understanding Mental Health signs and symptoms, how to respond and the role of workplaces.

Respectful Behaviours (Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying along with Code of Conduct)

Training runs for 2-4 hours per session based on general or leadership training. Contact Officer training is also offered in this space. Definitions, legislation, expectations, values, reporting and communication are all covered along with any tailoring to each individual workplace.

Risk Management

Exploring each of the stages and incorporating the businesses processes and forms. Activities are undertaken to consolidate learning particularly of the assessment and control stages.

Due Diligence and Reasonably Practicable decision making

Aimed at Boards and decision makers in a business. Covering not only the legislation but what this means in a practical sense at the operational level.

Legislative Obligations

Work health and safety legislation are explored from a state and national perspective with the key obligations and duties focusing on practical implementation. This course can be aimed at general all staff level or tailored for Senior Management and Boards.

Incidents and Investigations

Exploring the concepts and definitions of incidents and theory of investigations. Different models and activities are incorporated along with completing forms with a view to improving current documentation and processes.

Manual Handling

Incorporating current risk management and medical best practice and what is reasonably practicable within the workplace operating context. This is a very interactive session with all participants required to participate in the hazard identification and risk reduction conversations and practicals.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

A course that can vary depending on business needs and agreed learning outcomes. Participants will walk-way with more effective ways to identify and implement more constructive interactions with people and stakeholders. A solution-based approach is used as a base for this course.

Work Health and Safety Systems

Whether it is understanding systems theory, AS/NZ or ISO management systems, this course covers these in the context of WHS. It is often used to introduce or improve systems within the business and is interactive.

WHS Leadership

The concepts of why people are different, the impact this has on thinking, feeling and behaviour and in the workplace is explored. The Body of Knowledge by the Australian Institute Health and Safety is then used to learn of the keys of effective WHS Leadership and how they impact and can be used in your own workplace.