WHS Procedures, Policies, Forms and Tools $999.00 (total value $3905)

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All Procedures, Policies, Forms and Tools $999.00 (total value $3905)

Policies (5 in total) include; WHS, Environment, Rehabilitation, Governance and Quality.

Procedures (31 in total) include (not a full list – refer to procedures in shop to see complete list);  Risk Management, Incident notification and investigation, Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying, Consultation, Recruitment, Selection and Induction, Counselling and Discipline, Confined Space, Working at heights, Electrical, Manual Handling, Drugs and Alcohol, Travelling and working in isolation, Accommodation, Social Media, Inspections, Permit to work, Code of Conduct  and many more.

Forms (36 in total) include (not all are listed here, please refer to the Forms section to see a full list); Induction, WHS inspections, Incident reporting, Investigation, Emergency Evacuation checklist, Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying report and investigation, Risk Management form, WHS Roles and Responsibilities, Training record and analysis, Permit to work, Meeting minutes and agenda, WHS Schedule, Action Plan, Audit plan, Recruitment and Selection, Counselling and Discipline, Issue Resolution, Work station assessment and many more.

*All policies are only one page in length stating a commitment to a particular area.

*All policies are designed to be general enough for national application and to be customised with letterheads etc.

*Each procedure is in Microsoft Word to enable ease of editing and customising and has the format of Aims, Definitions, Responsibilities, Procedure, Associated documents, Records and Review.