Physical & Psychological Safety

Humans are complex. Add them to a work environment that has its own complexities and many challenges present. BLMC have a holistic and systematic approach to WHS. We also assist when people don’t work well, and things don’t go to plan or go wrong.

We are only a phone call or email away and have the following services available to begin the journey of your people working well:

Please contact Bjelkie on 0402 009 269 or to enquire about Physical and Psychological Safety services.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

2 Day Nationally Accredited Training Course

Suitable for anyone needing to identify flags and issues with people’s mental health, respond appropriately and support when necessary. A two day nationally accredited training course developed by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

Over a million people have been trained on this course and it is a great base to benefit from early intervention and evidence-based response to mental health.

This course is offered as a public course open to clients or as an inhouse course for your workplace.

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Mental Health for staff (inc. occupational violence if required for customer service staff)

Training Program

Life is challenging. This mental health session explores mental health definitions, stress, responses, strategies to respond and self-care. If requested, occupational violence response and strategies can be incorporated.

The course is shorter for general staff i.e. 2 hours and longer for those staff having responsibilities for others i.e. team leaders, supervisors and managers.

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Psychological Safety at work

Training Program

Psychological safety is the core to unlocking inclusion, innovation and improvement.

“Psychological safety is the belief that no one will be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes”
Dr Amy Edmonson

If you can change the nature of conversations and approach in your teams, the quality of your outcomes increases exponentially.

Instant change isn’t always possible but the change in most people after completing the first session and survey certainly is impressive. Debriefing, action planning and following up sessions are program elements that have seen immediate and sustained improvements for our clients.

People certainly work well if they embrace and action the concepts of psychological safety. The multitudes of benefits that this brings to our clients businesses is tangible and sustained.

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